Ted Wilmont

Practitioner Introduction

Quoted by Karl Dawson as "Probably the most experienced Matrixreimprinting practitoner in the world"
I have gained a wealth of skill and knowledge from over 12 thousand client sessions in 17 years
From the early days of EFT through the advent of Matrixreimprinting .
I have worked on literally hundreds of different problems and issues.
This experience is what I bring to every session.

Practitioner Qualifications

EFT Levels 1,2, and 3

Matrix Reimprinting master practitioner and trainer

NVQ master trainer and accessor

About This Practitioner

I love working with clients and still learn at every session I share with them.
My passion is communicating with others and sharing the powerful techiques of EFT and MatrixReimprinting.
I use all my learned skills and experience to support and resource the client through what can often be incredibly difficult events and traumas ,which often result in serious pain both physical emotional and mental.
I still am in awe at the joy of seeing a client heal and grow from their challenges .I see that we have only started to wake up to what we are capable of when we transform our limiting beliefs.
I am priviliged to be able to share the powerful tools I have been given with every client I work with and look forward to sharing with many more .

Other Expertise

In addition to one on one sessions Ihave trained hundreds of practitioners in EFT and Matrixreimprinting .
I have also presented at EFT and MR master classes in uk and abroad .
I specialse in mentoring practitioners where i can share my wide experience to enhance the skils and confidence of many practitioners worls wide . I have also presented webinar programmes on particular aspects of Matrixreimprinting in particular working on awarness of the power of fields and how we can use Karls amazing MR to transform these fields which i see will shape the future . i continue to develop this work from my own enlightening experience , not least from a huge recent health challenge which shifted my awareness to a new vibtration and has inspired me to put together a series of recorded talks and live webinar group sessions to share my insight and aspirations for the future of the work we do .