Sarah Briggs

Practitioner Introduction

Highly-specialised support for trauma and relationships, drawing on tried and trusted techniques bringing change in old patterns towards transformational empowerment. I'm so privileged to accompany people on this healing journey.

Practitioner Qualifications

EFT Level 2
Matrix Reimprinting practitioner
ITTI Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Psychotherapist accredited by BACP & NCIP
Sex & relationship therapist accredited by COSRT
Supervisor accredited by BACP & COSRT
Certified Imago Therapist
EMDR Level 4
Brainspotting Level 3
Equine-facilitated therapist certified by LEAP & IFEEL
NLP practitioner
META-Health foundation training MHA

About This Practitioner

EFT tapping is so valuable for attending to distressing emotions or physical pain. Time after time, people tell me how their symptoms reduce with a few rounds of tapping. Then there's a deeper process of Matrix Reimprinting to make a new deal with a fresh perspective on past events to stop them overshadowing the present or extending into the future. I love doing this work and sharing what's been so beneficial for me.

Other Expertise

There are plenty of tools in my toolkit for resolving or healing trauma and relationships. Everyone is different, with their unique blend of experiences and beliefs. I offer multiple ways to find the optimal approach for each person to shine a light on their experiences with compassion and recognition.