Mary Sue Abernethy

Practitioner Introduction

Hello and congratulations for seeking out practitioners using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting , you are a courageous and determined seeker for you own imporvement and wellbeing. When I discovered EFT it was shocking to me how fast people got better and I knew I had to share it with any who were open to trying it. Then when my mentors exposed me to Matrix Reimprinting I knew instantly this was the missing link to healing past traumas and the aspects of ourselves that are still affected by those past events, even way back into early childhood or something that happened in our recent past. I live what I feel privileged to practice and share with my clients using these modalities. I hope to meet you on you path to being your best self!

Practitioner Qualifications

I am a licensed psychotherapist as a LMFT, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, advanced EFT Practitioner, Certified in EMDR and Neuronutrient Therapy and trained in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden. I have been practicing counseling in the Health and Wellness field in private practice since 1983. I have also worked in the clinical setting of an inpatient Psychiatric ward in our local county hospital for over 3 years and worked with the indegent population for over three years as well in my early training.

About This Practitioner

I love , love , love working with people who are open to learning about, experiencing and practicing the magnificent power of EFT and Matrix re-imprinting. They make healing go sooo much faster and is much more comprehensive than all the modalities I know of and science is now backing up what I have seen in my practice.