Rodica Russell-Savescu

Practitioner Introduction

My name is Rodica Russell-Savescu and I am a Spiritual/Mental Emotional Health Awareness Advocate, Transformational Life Coach,

My belief is : All human beings are born Ok, but after that they operate from a Conditioned Mind formed in childhood, with beliefs and programs and patterns of behavior learned from others, as parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, schools piers, etc.
People are born ok, but they operate/behave from wrong ideas/beliefs.

During sessions I will use all my expertise to help clients,
Understand stress and how to:
Deal with stress,
Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns,
Improve relationships with others and understand their emotional responses,
Heal past traumas and emotional wounds,
Develop emotional resilience and become less reactive in stressful situations,
How to learn to be Present, especially in moments when you feel triggered or you are in a stressful situation,

and How to heal many other issues.

About This Practitioner

I am genuinely passionate about helping, guiding and supporting those who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone, and start their Inner Self discovery Journey.

Other Expertise

Personal Development Coaching
Counselling/Transactional Analysis
EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting
NLP/Time Line Therapy
Methaphysical Anatomy
Transgenerational Trauma informed Therapy
Eutaptics Coaching