Iwona Kotłowska

Practitioner Qualifications

Trainer of EFT Practitioners in Poland (Joanna Chełmicka 2013)
EFTMRA Master Trainer (Karl Dawson 2023)
Tapping out of Trauma 1.0 (Craig Weiner, Suzanne Fageol 2023)
Mindfulness practitioner

About This Practitioner

For many years, she has been conducting EFT training courses, online programs, individual sessions, workshops, and individual and group supervision.

She specializes in working with people who struggle with burnout in their professional and private life and helps solo entrepreneurs rebuild their confidence in business areas.

She is the author of the book "Success with EFT. Change your beliefs, change your life." She is happy to host the Polish EFT Online Conference.

He is also a Mindfulness practitioner and personal development and intuition trainer. In her work, she combines aspects of emotions, body, mind, and spirituality to get to the heart of the problem.