Eva Gerigk

Practitioner Introduction

I like to teach Matrix Reimprinting in groups as much as I like to accompany people as a therapist in individual sessions with this technique on their way to more health and joy of life.

In 2006 I came into contact with tapping and the wide field of Energetic Psychology. My own and years of experience with clients have shown me that these techniques work - and even faster and more effectively than any other method I have come across for dealing with negative emotions.

Among the various branches of tapping that have since emerged, I consider Matrix Reimprinting to be the most brilliant advancement. When Karl Dawson asked me in 2011 if I would be the first German trainer to teach Matrix Reimprinting, I enthusiastically agreed. In spring 2018, I revised the German edition of the first Matrix Reimprinting book in consultation with Karl Dawson. It is now called: "Das Innere Kind erlösen. Heilung und Transformation durch Matrix Reimprinting".

Other Expertise

Master degree in history,
3 years as a PR consultant in a well-known PR agency,
7 years living abroad in the USA,
Mother of meanwhile four young men