Bettina Austermann

Practitioner Introduction

Hello, I'am Bettina Austermann and have been accompanying people to more joy in life, successful partnerships, health and success for many years.
In my support, I experience how strongly intergenerational trauma, experiences during pregnancy, birth and childhood influence life. All of these areas, as well as current topics, flow into my work.

I am touched and excited by the deep healing possibilities of Matrix Reimprinting.
I was able to experience this both with existential issues in my life and with clients.
Thanks to the universe and those who brought MR to me and from whom I was allowed to learn this wonderful method.

Practitioner Qualifications

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner,

About This Practitioner

I live with my husband and am the mother of two teenage girls.

Through my own experiences of deep loneliness in my mid-20s, I set out on the path to myself. I met wonderful therapists and companions and was able to learn and find a lot for myself. Now there are 30 years in between, all of these experiences flow into the work.

Other Expertise

social worker,
alternative practitioner for psychotherapy,
Trainer for familyconstellations
specializing in the subject of the lost twin